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Using the PoweredStats Free Web Counter System is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Sign up for an account.

It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up for an account.

Copy and paste the tracking code into the HTML of every page you want tracked.

You use the same code for each page making this job extremely easy.

View your website tracking in real-time 24/7!

View the demo to see what they will look like.

We offer two different types of accounts at PoweredStats: Free and Premium.
The differences are explained below.

Note: on Free Accounts, a small PoweredStats tracking image
like the one below (different color schemes available) will appear on tracked pages.

This image does NOT appear on Premium Accounts.

You must have access to the html of your webpage
or be able to add JavaScript in the form of <script>...</script> for PoweredStats to work.

Free vs. Premium Accounts

Refer to the Tracker Demo for live examples of all of the features.

Max Hits Per Day
Multiple Tracking Images Available
Hits Last 30 Days
Hits Last 30 Months
Top 100 Referrers
Top 1000 Referrers
100 Most Recent Referrers
1000 Most Recent Referrers
Last 100 Search Engine Queries
Last 1000 Search Engine Queries
Top 100 Search Engines
Top 1000 Search Engines
Top 100 Search Engine Queries
Top 1000 Search Engine Queries
Top 10 Click Path Analysis
Top 100 Click Path Analysis
Live Click Path Tracking
100 Highest Hit Pages
1000 Highest Hit Pages
100 Top Users
1000 Top Users
100 Most Recent Users
1000 Most Recent Users
Traffic Analysis by Day of Week
Traffic Analysis by Hour of Day
Visitor Screen Resoluion Analysis
Visitor Screen Color Depth Analysis
Visitor Internet Browser Analysis
Top 100 Visitor Country Analysis
Top 1000 Visitor Country Analysis
Custom Referrer Tags
Ads Displayed on Your Stats Page
Fully Invisible Tracking  
Site Spy Live Tracker  

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