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Can be installed and running in less than 1 Minute
No HTML knowledge needed
Use the same code snippet for every page on your site
Works on ANY website
If you can copy and paste, you can have free website tracking

Easy to read, intuitive, and informative website statistics

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Know how visitors found your website
Search engine keyword analysis
Learn about your visitors', internet browsers, screen resolutions, screen color depths, and more!
Click Path Analysis
Analyze traffic by day of the week, hour of the day, days, or months
Fully Invisible Tracking (premium accounts)
All web stats are fully real-time
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Website Tracking

Total Hits Tracked:

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Site Spy Live Tracker

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Website Referrer Tracking
Search Engine Analysis
Search Engine Keyword Analysis
Visitor Informaton Analysis
Traffic Timing Reports
Instant Activation
Multiple Tracking Images
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Everything the Free Account Includes And More!
Fully Invisible
Password Protected Stats
Expanded Stats
Click Path Tracking
Click Path Analysis
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Using the PoweredStats Free Web Counter System is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Sign up for an account.

It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up for an account.

Copy and paste the tracking code into the HTML of every page you want tracked.

You use the same code for each page making this job extremely easy.

View your website tracking in real-time 24/7!

View the demo to see what they will look like.

Why Get a Poweredstats Website Tracker?

Without web site sites, you will be unable to find out how many visitors you have, how they found your site, what they did once they got to your site, and other various statistics about them. A web counter will give you vital information and much needed information they you can use to examine your visitors' behaviors while on your site. You can then use this website tracking information to find out where the highest exit pages are, which links are clicked on the most (and least), and much more.

Using this information you can identify possible weaknesses in your site, and more importantly, fix them. Have you ever wondered what search engines and key words people use to find your site? You'll never have to again, because our patented hit counter tracking software will show you this data in an informative and easy to read manner. You will be unable to target new keywords for your site if you are unaware what keywords already work well and which ones don't work so well.

Never again will you have to wonder what internet browsers you visitors are using. Easily find out whether they are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, the list goes on. You can also easily find out what screen resolution your visitors are using. Comprehensive web statistics will show you when your traffic comes. See which day of the week is highest, what hour of the day is busiest, or what month has been the busiest in the last 2 years. The possibilites are limitless. You have nothing to lose (the website tracker is free) and everything to gain. If you choose to upgrade your membership for a nominal monthly fee to gain a few extras, that is up to you.

PoweredStats utilizes the latest web technology to keep everything quick, fast, slick, and user friendly. Viewing your stats has never been easier. Capitalizing on PHP, JavaScript, XML, and AJAX, PoweredStats is faster and better than ever.

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